Lubricant Additives

Lubricant Additives


Since the introduction of the first NA-SUL® products in 1952, the NA-SUL® trade name has been synonymous with high quality, cost-effective rust protection. Today, after 40 years of continuous improvement and innovation, these unique synthetic sulfonates are recognized as the premium rust and corrosion inhibitors for industrial lubricants, greases, metalworking fluids and rust preventives.

The NA-SUL® line is based upon dinonylnaphthalene sulfonic acid (HDNNS®), a chemical developed in King’s laboratories. Controlled alkylation of naphthalene with nonene produces DNN. This is then sulfonated to produce the building block sulfonic acid which becomes a NA-SUL® when converted to various ashless and metal salt derivatives. Direct neutralization is employed to produce many different salts which can be either chemically neutral or alkaline.

The NA-SUL® line provides excellent rust and corrosion protection in combination with other unique performance properties. Direct neutralization produces sulfonates with virtually no chloride, resulting in enhanced rust protection and resistance to staining.

Performance - Rust & Corrosion Protection

The NA-SUL® line consistently outperforms other synthetic or petroleum sulfonates, thus offering:

Better performance at equal or lower concentrations
Higher maximum performance
Ferrous and non-ferrous protection
Synergy with other anti-rust additives

Performance Beyond Rust & Corrosion Protection

In addition to superior rust and corrosion inhibition, NA-SUL® inhibitors impart other desirable performance properties to industrial lubricants and rust preventive applications, including:

Unsurpassed demulsibility
Enhanced oxidation stability
Excellent filterability
Excellent additive compatibility

An Extensive Product Line

Typical properties for all standard NA-SUL® products are found in (Table 4) which includes information on chemical compositions, metal content, viscosities and typical physical characteristics.

The very low inherent oil content of NA-SUL® sulfonates allows for the choice of many vehicles and diluents as carriers resulting in the industry’s most diversified product line of sulfonate-based inhibitors. This manufacturing flexibility coupled with continuous product innovation over the years, has lead to the development of a variety of specialized inhibitors in vehicles other than liquid petroleum and synthetic hydrocarbon fluids, including:

Semi-solid products produced with waxes, polyolefins and oxidates
Unique water-based rust preventive concentrates

Specialized/customized products with esters, silicone fluids, halocarbon fluids and polyglycols to name a few specialized carriers

Standard Products - Selection

The extensive range of products sometimes makes the selection of the best NA-SUL® product for a particular application a difficult task. Three Application Tables with corresponding performance criteria follow which can assist you in the selection process. Likewise, please feel free to use the "Lubricant Additives Technical Assistance Form"   to have the Kemspex or King technical service staff make product recommendations for your application.

(Table 1A) and (Table 1B), details recommendations for industrial lubricants including circulating oils, compressor oils, gear oils, grease, hydraulic fluids, instrument oils, power transfer fluids and turbine oils. (Table 2), makes recommendations for metalworking specialties including soluble oils, synthetic coolants, cutting oils and protective oils. (Table 3), focuses on different rust preventive systems including oil/solvent based systems, aqueous solutions, aqueous emulsions, hot melts and wax-thick film preventives.

Specific product information can be obtained by clicking on the product’s tradename which will automatically link you to (Table 4)


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